St Mary’s begins the school year with a celebratory cocktail party, heralding in the school’s 130th year of excellence in education. 

The school has a strong commitment to diversity.  In the words of Zaneli Steeneveldt (matric 2018), “The Diversity Committee celebrates the diversity of the human race and wants to create a world that celebrates it as well.” In 2018, plaques are placed in the foyer of The Edge to symbolise the school’s vision and the Board’s promise to prioritise diversity and transformation. Quoting from the Preamble to the constitution, in the 11 official languages, the plaques proclaim that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, “united in our diversity”.

The interior of the chapel is enriched by the addition of a set of The Stations of the Cross, paintings which encourage reflection upon “the redemptive suffering of Jesus” (Joseph Capelle, artist).The first to be hung is the Madonna and Child which “provides a beautiful, poignant and contextual representation of Mary, our patron saint, together with the child Christ” (Revd Claudia Coustas, chaplain).

A multi-purpose facility for hockey, basketball and athletics is completed. 

The 2018/2019 rowing season marks 25 years since rowing is officially recognised as a school sport. From small beginnings, the sport quickly gains adherents and St Mary’s begins to dominate the rowing scene, on occasions even beating boys’ schools.

Another milestone is the celebration of 20 years of the Investec hockey festival held at St Mary’s. The festival attracts the best hockey-playing schools in the country.

The school is proud of the superb results of the class of 2018. 47 (47%) of them gain A aggregates and a total of 82 achieve averages of 70% and above.  81 of the 426 distinctions are in the 90% plus category and there are 27 placements in the top 1% in a subject. 

Decade 14

Ms King has been head of school for 10 years